Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content

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Below are the frequently asked questions regarding ProtectUSB Content. 

Protection Questions

Q: Can I use any USB flash drive/USB stick/pen drive?

A: Yes, there is no limition to the size or chipset you can use. And you can simply try it out by using the demo functionality.

Q: What files can be protected?

A: You can directly protect complete Video DVDs (all menus, etc.), videos (MP4, MOV, M4V), images (PNG, JPG), PDFs, ePubs, MP3s and HTMLs. Some file types like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. need to be converted to HTML before they can be protected. All of this can be tested by using the demo functionality.

Q: Can I restrict printing, saving, copying and annotations of PDF documents?

A: Yes. ProtectUSB Content automatically restricts the saving. For printing, copying and annotations you can use the regular PDF settings.

Q: What devices are compatible to ProtectUSB Content?

A: The protected content can be accessed from Windows, MacOSX and Android.

Q: Can I write protect the USB flash drives so that the content cannot be accidentally deleted or modified?

A: Yes, USB flash drives can be set to read only by hardware and software write protection. The hardware protection is very secure but works only with controller chipsets from SMI, Phison and Alcor. The software write protection is less secure because it can be reset by a user with administrative rights.

Q: Can I add additional, also unprotecte files to the protected flash drives?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: Can I reuse protected USB sticks with new content?

A: Yes, you can exchange the protected content on protected USB sticks as often as you want wihtout the need to purchase a new license.

Q: Can I mix software and content on a protected flash drive?

A: Yes, you can mix software and content. However, the software will not be able to access the protected content as both are protected separately. 


Production Questions

Q: How long does the writing/protection take?

A: The majority of the process is the copying of the data to the USB flash drive. The time mainly depends on the speed of the source and the USB flash drives.

Q: Can I write to multiple USB flash drives in parallel?

A: Yes, no problem.

Q: Is Protect USB compatible to duplicators and mass manufacturing?

A: Yes. ProtectUSB Content has a special mode for mass manufacturing and can also work with stand alone and connected duplicators. With stand alone duplicators the licenses are added to the already prepared USB flash drives in a separate step. Conneted duplicators can be used directly as target for the complete duplication process.

General Questions

Q: What exactly can I do with a license?

A: A license allows you to "license" exactly one USB flash drive. There is no limition on how much content you write to the USB flash drive.

Q: Do the licenses expire?

A: No, licenses do not have an expiration date.

Q: Can I transfer licenses from one computer to another?

A: No, once issued, you cannot move licenses from on PC to another. However, if a PC breaks, you can contact support to replace the remaining licenses. 

Q: Can I split the purchased licenses to multiple PCs?

A: Normally this can't be done. However, if you order bigger quantities, you can request a split in advance to the order.

Q: How can I try before buying?

A: When you download ProtectUSB Content and try to prepare data or write a protected USB stick, you are asked to log in. If you want to use it in demo mode, just click "Cancel" or "Demo" to continue in demo mode. 

Q: What are the restrictions of the free demo mode?

A: The only restriction is that you will have a demo message before the content is presented.

Q: Can I pay any other way than credit card?

A: If you want to order larger quantities, we also accept wire transfer. Just contact us.


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