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USB Stick Copy Protection for Content (ProtectUSB Content)

ProtectUSB Content locks content such as HTML, PDF, Images, Videos, EPUB, Video-DVD, etc. into secure encrypted containers which are then executed in a secure viewer module protected from illegal copies.

Prevent illegal copies and sharing of your content

The secure, encrypted container allows access to the content only if the protected USB stick drive is available or the content has been unlocked via an Unlock Code. At the same time, it blocks all unauthorized access attempts such as file copy or saving to hard disk.

Works with regular USB sticks or flash drives

There is no special requirement besides that you need a Windows PC and of course a regular USB stick/flash drive. ProtectUSB Content work with USB sticks from all brands and vendors. You can use any USB stick you have available. Even for bigger production jobs, it is not required to have identical sticks for a certain brand.

Optionally make USB sticks/flash drives read only

ProtectUSB Content allows you to add software (all vendors) and hardware (multiple vendors) write protection to the USB sticks you duplicate. This way, it is impossible to modify the sticks or delete the content from them.

Supports Windows, macOS, Android and ChromeOS

The protected content works on Windows PCs, macOS computers, Android devices and ChromeOS computers with Play Store. The locked content on the USB stick is completely self-contained and does not install any drivers or require administrative privileges at any time. Just package the content once and allow your customer to access it securely from any compatible device they own.

USB stick/flash drive verification or code unlock

You can allow accessing the content directly from the USB stick/flash drive or allow installing/copying it to a computer or device. In any case, the content is securely locked to the USB stick/flash drive or to an individual Unlock Code. Without the original USB stick/flash drive or Unlock Code, the content is not accessible and can't be copied.

Write 100+ USB sticks/flash drives in parallel

With ProtectUSB Content you can use regular PCs and USB hubs to write in parallel to 100+ USB sticks. This way you can easily duplicate thousands of sticks per day - with the highest speed, copy protection, write protection and verification.

Use your own design

With ProtectUSB Content, you can largely customize the experience and presentation of your content. Create your own HTML startup, define a custom splash screen and use your own icons. Everything you need for a professional product is right there.

Easy to use - just two steps

Creating a protected USB stick/flash drive with your content is quick and easy. Just prepare the content using the Content Preparer and write it to USB stick using the USB Protect tool.

1. Protect the content

2. Write USB sticks

Free trial

Download (includes free trial)

You can try ProtectUSB Content free to see how it works for you. 

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