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DVD Video Copy Protection (ProtectDISC Video)

The Protect Software mass manufacturing Video-DVD copy protection is today’s leading copy protection system in terms of effectiveness, compatibility and ease of integration. Four of the leading six Hollywood studios trust Protect Software to protect select titles against copying and ripping. Also ProtectDISC Video is used to protect Oscar nominated titles and perform screener distribution of pre-release movies.


One of the big advantages of ProtectDISC Video compared to other solutions is that it does not require any authoring changes. To apply the protection you can simply pass existing or newly authored Video DVDs to your manufacturer and ask to apply the protection.


ProtectDISC Video has been designed for 100% compatibility with both stand-alone DVD players/recorders and also software players. We provide independent third party compatibility reports from multiple companies that show there is no difference in compatibility between a protected and unprotected title.

Effective Protection

ProtectDISC Video is the most effective DVD-Video copy protection available. Unlike other copy protection solutions, there is no generic tool to copy ProtectDISC Video protected titles.

ProtectDISC Video effectively secures your Video-DVD against 1:1 sector copy approaches, ripping attacks and all kind of tools that combined different approaches.

ProtectDISC Video is a new combination of structural copy protection together with CSS that effectively frustrates people trying to copy protected titles. More information about the details of the protection are available for registered customers on request.


The Protect Software mass manufacturing protection for DVD-Video is applied by the Replicator which receives a standard Video DVD master. To be able to perform the process, the Replicator needs to have a Replicator account with Protect Software to receive the required tools for the glass master creation.