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USB Stick Copy Protection for Software - Workflow

Applying ProtectUSB Software for locking to a USB stick consists of the following three steps:

1. Create Project

Once you have registered and have been approved, you can log in to the website and create a project. The unique identifier of this project is later used to lock the protected software to the protected USB stick.

2. Lock Executable

The website is used to protect the executable. It is uploaded, the project specified, the settings (e.g. is the USB stick checked at every start or only once) are made and the locked executable is downloaded.

3. Protect USB Stick

The USB Sticks are connected to the computer and protected by using the USBProtect tool. In the same step the previously protected software is copied to the protected USB stick.

4. Done

You are done. The protected software works only if the protected USB stick is plugged into the computer.

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