Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content

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Software Copy Protection for DVD-R (ProtectBURN Software)

To apply the Protect Software recordable DVD protection for software and apps you first need to set up a free account with Protect Software. Once you have done this, you need to follow the steps below to secure your software.

5 Easy Steps


1. Create Project

2. Protect Exe/App

3. Create ISO Image

4. Protect ISO Image

5. Burn DVD-R

Copy Protection Options

Protect Software wraps a secure protection layer around the software to be protected. This secures the protected software from being hacked or modified and provides a variety of features.

DVD related options

  • Check DVD at every start
  • Check DVD one time only
  • Check DVD periodically
  • Check DVD periodically and skip first check
  • Do not check DVD

Demo/Trial related options

  • Limit to a certain number of days from the first start
  • Limit to a certain number of days running the program
  • Limit to a certain number of starts
  • Limit to a certain total runtime

Purchase related options

  • Use web platform to handle license purchases
  • Use web platform to handle user registration
  • Use web platform to handle Unlock Codes

Quality Assurance related options

  • Use QA unlock feature to perform final software QA

User Interface related options

  • Customize texts and graphics

Advanced options

  • Expiration after certain date
  • Watermarking

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All software offered for download on this website is subject to our . It is scanned against viruses and contains no malware, adware or other malicious code. It can be uninstalled by using the included uninstaller or using the operating system's default software uninstall option.