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USB Stick Copy Protection for Software (ProtectUSB Software)

With ProtectUSB Software you can protect Windows executables or MacOSX apps to lock them to a copy protected USB stick. The locked software itself can (but does not need to be) on the USB stick.

Three Easy Steps

1. Create Product


2. Protect Exe/App

Protect Programm

3. Copy/Protect USB Stick


Copy Protection Options

ProtectUSB Software wraps a secure protection layer around the locked software. This secures the protected software from being hacked or modified and provides a variety of features.

USB stick related options

  • Check USB stick at every start
  • Check USB stick one time only
  • Check USB stick periodically
  • Check USB stick periodically and skip first check
  • Do not check USB stick

Demo/Trial related options

  • Limit to a certain number of days from the first start
  • Limit to a certain number of days running the program
  • Limit to a certain number of starts
  • Limit to a certain total runtime

Purchase related options

  • Use web platform to handle license purchases
  • Use web platform to handle user registration
  • Use web platform to handle Unlock Codes

Quality Assurance related options

  • Use QA unlock feature to perform final software QA

User Interface related options

  • Customize texts and graphics

Advanced options

  • Expiration after certain date
  • Watermarking

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All software offered for download on this website is subject to our end user license agreement (EULA). It is scanned against viruses and contains no malware, adware or other malicious code. It can be uninstalled by using the included uninstaller or using the operating system's default software uninstall option.