Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below on the most frequently asked questions by categories.

CD/DVD Copy Protection

Q: I have an original CD/DVD but when I start the application I get a message that I need to insert the original DVD

A: Your drive is not able to read the CD/DVD correctly. If you have a second drive, try to use this. It may also be helpful to clean the CD/DVD and try again.

Q: I have an original CD/DVD but when I start the application I get the message that an emulator was detected

A: Make sure that no illegal drive emulators like Daemon Tools or VirtualCD are installed (click here for a list of programs). Sometimes these programs do not uninstall correctly and so you have to make sure they are completely removed. If you are sure that you have no parts of a emulator left and you still get the message you can try a different drive (if available).

Q: My virus scanner detects the program as "virus infected" or "suspicious". Do I need to worry?

A: If you get the message when you run or install the program directly from the CD/DVD it is typically wrong. Virus scanners sometimes confuse a copy protection with a virus. You can make sure by uploading the executable to a virus scanning website like to see if other anti-virus tools confirm the finding.

Online Distribution

Q: I ordered a software through a Protect Software based web shop but didn't get a purchase notification email. What can I do?

A: The web shop always sends out email notifications. If the mail cannot be delivered, it automatically tries again. Please check your "Junk" email folder because the email might have incorrectly been detected as spam.


Q: I received an email with two download links. What do I need to do?

A: You need to download and run both downloads. Once you have done this, you can start the software as usual from the start menu.


Q: I have a movie DVD with LiveDigitalCopy but when I insert the DVD into my PC, nothing happens. How can I get a digital copy for my PC or handheld device?

A: Probably your computer's "Auto Insert Notification" has been disabled. You can open the DVD manually by clicking on the "My Computer" symbol in the start menu. From there search and click on the "Digital Copy" executable.

Frameworks and Tools

Q: I own a DVD which has been recorded with CSS Managed Copy but the DVD does not play back in my DVD Player.

A: CSS Managed Copy recordable are not as compatible as regular DVD-Rs. If you are not sure that your DVD-Player supports burned CSS DVDs, consult your DVD-Player vendor for information.