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2014-12-01 New ProtectUSB Content Release

Today, we released the latest version of ProtectUSB Content. Please see the list below for information on the changes:

  • New: Support for Hi DPI/Retina displays
  • New: Optional content independent back button for HTML content navigation
  • Fix: Fix for invisible HTML files during content preparation when accessed via network from non-windows systems
  • Fix: Fix for issue with applying hardware write protection to certain SMI sticks
  • Fix: Fix for ability to re-access expired content via date/time manipulation

You will automatically receive an update notification when you use an old version of ProtectUSB Content. Alternatively, you can download the version from the following link:

Download ProtectUSB Content

We recommend using the new version for all future productions. Licenses purchased with the old version remain valid with the new version.

If you have any question, contact your partner or email us at