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2011-07-05 New Digital Copy and E-Copy Solutions

As of today you can use the all new, revamped LiveDigitalCopy and E-Copy functions.

With LiveDigitalCopy and E-Copy you can enable end users to make legal digital copies of purchased DVDs or BDs.

Customers can transfer the digital copy directly from the disc to their PC or download it using E-Copy to the device of their choice. To protect the content owner’s rights, each digital copy is secured by using DRM.

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can use the following QR code to test E-Copy for yourself.

Video Sample "BigBuckBunny"   Audio Sample "Tunguska"

Alternatively you can enter the following URL and code to obtain the sample:

Video Sample "BigbuckBunny"   Audio Sample "Tunguska"


LiveDigitalCopy and E-Copy will replace the older DownloadCodes functionality. Already created DownloadCodes will continue to work.

If you are interested in LiveDigitalCopy and E-Copy, please contact us at to receive additional information and samples.