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2015-06-08 New ProtectUSB Content Update

We are very happy to announce that the just released ProtectUSB Content Update includes full support for Android devices.

Whether you use USB stick validation or unlocking by UnlockCode, this version handles it for Windows, MacOSX and Android. FluxPlayer is automatically added to the USB stick to support full offline usage.

Other features of the update are:

  • Hi DPI fixes in some dialogs
  • Fix for cached PDF content
  • Enhanced packaging process
  • Guide now online and extended
  • Obtain UnlockCodes now in external browser
  • Support for additional content type (EPUB, m4v)
  • Additional ProductID/Content consistency checks
  • More than 20 smaller fixes and enhancements

ProtectUSB Content is available as a free update as of now. On starting your old version, the new version will be offered for download. Existing licenses work also for the new version.

If you have any question, contact your partner or email us at