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2014-06-17 ProtectUSB Content Released

We just released ProtectUSB Content with the following improvements and extensions.

Write Protection

  • Adds support for software based write protection (USB stick vendor independent)
  • Adds support for hardware based write protection (specific Phison controllers)


  • Option for setting volume label
  • Added individual direct MP3 file support
  • Optional stick content deletion before writing data
  • Mass production license option now available to replicator partners


  • Enhanced support for file names containing special characters (UTF-8)
  • Fix for HTML based MP4 double playback issues for IE9/IE10
  • Faster fetching of related companies list (Partners only)

We recommend using the new version for all future productions. Licenses purchased with the old version remain valid with the new version. You will automatically receive an update notification when you use an old ProtectUSB version.

If you have any question, contact your partner or email us at