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2014-02-19 New ProtectBURN Content and ProtectUSB Content Releases

New versions of ProtectBURN Content and ProtectUSB Content have been released this week. Please see the list below for information on the changes:

  • Enhanced: Active focus during startup

    The protected content or unlock UI on the stick or disc now automatically gets the focus and is presented in front of other windows.

  • Enhanced: Added support for more USB Sticks

    Added support for specific USB sticks without serial numbers or vendor information

  • New: Added support for DVD content via code unlocking

    Added support for fluxdvd content (full menus, bonus materials, audio tracks, subtitles, etc.) via code unlocking. The FluxDVD Encoder is now also included into ProtectBURN content.

  • Trial does not require registered user account

    ProtectBURN content and ProtecUSB Content no longer require a registered user account and can be used for demo productions directly after downloading.

We recommend using the new version for all future productions. Licenses purchased with the old version remain valid with the new version. You will automatically receive an update notification when you use an old ProtectBURN or ProtectUSB version.

If you have any question, contact your partner or email us at