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DVD Video Copy Protection (ProtectBURN)


ProtectBURN is today’s leading copy protection system for recordable Video DVDs in terms of effectiveness, compatibility and ease of integration. Four of the leading six Hollywood studios trust Protect Software to protect select titles against copying and ripping. Also ProtectBURN is used to protect Oscar nominated titles and perform screener distribution of pre-release movies.


One of the big advantages of ProtectBURN compared to other solutions is that it does not require any authoring changes. Existing or newly authored VideoDVDs can simply be protected by using the ProtectBURN software package.


ProtectBURN has been designed for 100% compatibility with both stand-alone DVD players/recorders and also software players. We provide independent third party compatibility reports from multiple companies that show there is no difference in compatibility between a protected and unprotected title.

Effective Protection

ProtectBURN is the most effective DVD-Video copy protection available. Unlike other copy protection solutions, there is no generic tool to copy ProtectBURN protected titles.

ProtectBURN effectively secures your Video-DVD against 1:1 sector copy approaches, ripping attacks and other tools that combine different approaches.

ProtectBURN is a new structural copy protection that effectively frustrates people trying to copy protected titles. ProtectBURN can be used with and without CSS/Managed Recording. 


To apply ProtectBURN to your Video DVD you first need to set up an account with Protect Software here. Once you have done this, you can download the free ProtectBURN software. Follow the steps below to protect your Video-DVD:

1. Install the ProtectBURN application on the PC which you want to use for burning the protected DVD.

2. Use the DiscProtector (which is part of the ProtectBURN package) to create a protected ISO image from your existing DVD or ISO image.

3. Burn the protected ISO file to an empty DVD-R.

4. Make sure the burned DVD-R plays back as you want. Please note that unless you have purchased burning licenses, the burned DVD will have an additional warning screen embedded.

5. If the DVD works as planned, purchase licenses for protected burning and burn as many DVDs as you want.

Sign up

To try the system for free you can sign up here. Make sure to select "Video Publisher interested in optical media/Recordable Media Production" as your area of interest. 

Purchase licenses

ProtectBURN is available through the ProtectBURN online shop. To see the pricing and to purchase licenses click here.


All software offered for download on this website is subject to our end user license agreement (EULA).It is scanned aginst viruses and contains no malware, adware or other malicious code. It can be uninstalled by using the included uninstaller or using the operating system's default software uninstall option.